Martin dating pam

Martin replied by saying "Never Say Never", Tichina added by stating "In life there's always new beginnings, and there's always change..we'll see what's happening".

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A common theme of the series is Martin's selfish and free-spirited nature.

Episodes often center on Martin's inappropriate behaviors and incessant smart mouth towards his friends, neighbors, and whoever else finds themselves in his presence.

In 1997, Tisha Campbell filed a lawsuit against her co-star Martin Lawrence and the show's producers for sexual harassment and verbal and physical assaults, and she did not appear in most of the season five episodes.

The explanation in most of the episodes Campbell did not appear in was that Gina was "out on business", though in the two-part episode "Going Overboard" it was stated that Gina had arrived too late to board the boat for the trip alongside everyone else.

When all is said and done, however, Martin loves his family and friends—it just takes dire situations for him to show it.

As the series progressed, plotlines saw Martin eventually move on to become the host of the talk show Word on the Street, which aired on the small Detroit public-access television station Channel 51.Most of the other characters were last seen in Season 4 and the episodes they last appeared in seemingly wrote them out of the series.Reruns have been seen in first run syndication in the past. As of October 2015, reruns of Martin now air on BET.The only characters that appeared in Season 5 were Sheneneh, Roscoe and Elroy.Mama Payne does not appear but her voice is heard in the holiday episode "Scrooge".So, i can't tell you guys anything, but it is very excitng".


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