Is ali still dating

Marlene King told Zap2It that Season 7 will give us all the answers about Charlotte's relationship with Rollins: I said at the end of Season 5 that the Charlotte story wasn’t over, that we still had some mythology to come and now we’re going to answer a lot of that with Dr. We will find out the whole story of when [Elliot and Charlotte] met and how and who and where and what.We haven't seen Wren in a long time, but every so often, the show likes to remind us of his existence.

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Rollins could have left Radley after Charlotte and helped her with the A game, which might explain how Charlotte was able to be "everywhere and nowhere."Rollins is British, and we know that Charlotte spent some time in Paris before heading back to Rosewood.

Perhaps Charlotte and Rollins fell in love when she was running away from the police, and when it was time for Charlotte to head back to Rosewood, Rollins joined her under an assumed identity.

Even though the pair wed shortly after becoming an item in 2014, they had already known each other for a decade.

Speaking about their romance he told the Daily Express: "We always hung out.

If you thought Charlotte's crazy Big A reveal was the most mind-blowing twist that Pretty Little Liars could offer, well, think again.

Though the Season 6A finale was absolutely bananas in its own right, I think it's safe to say that few fans could have expected the pieces of this TV puzzle to fit together in the way that they did in the Season 6B finale.Charlotte and Rollins could have begun a courtship while she was still in the mental institution, with Charlotte assuming that they would be together when she got out of the hospital.Maybe Rollins had that plan, too, but first wanted to make sure that he secured the Di Laurentis fortune — hence teaming up with Mary and dating Ali on the side.Rollins tricking Ali into falling head over heels for him only to gaslight her so badly that she checks herself into a mental institution can only be the work of a seriously disturbed individual.Rollins could have been a patient at Radley a long time ago, and fell in love with Charlotte when they were both under lock and key.When Charlotte finally got caught, Rollins made sure that he was assigned as a doctor on her case so that they could spend ample time together.


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