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He said it was for recording sexual activity.”Bourque said Natt’s reason for hiding it in the ceiling “was it gave him a better angle.”ABC Action News reached out to Airbnb for comment.

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Instead I let go of it and allowed his orgasm to fade. One part of me was upset that it leaked out, but another was celebrating the joy at getting to lick his cum up from his shaft and balls. I heard him say “Keep sucking my cock until you cum.” And I did. I tried to scream in pleasure, but his thick shaft down my throat muffled the sounds.

The frustration on his face was obvious, but I wanted to bring him to the ultimate orgasm by edging him, something I was sure he had never done. Then I felt his hand slip inside of my blouse, push my bra aside and cup my tit. He sensed as my orgasm grew close and used his free hand to shove my mouth back to the balls on his cock as his other roughly squeezed my tit and pinched my nipple. Moments later, with his balls smashed against my chin and his cockhead halfway down my throat, his hand gripping and squeezing my tit, I came hard. The room was spinning, partly from orgasm and partly from lack of oxygen, but I was still cumming and had no desire to stop.

In one deft swipe he swirled his finger around his head smearing it all over it making his entire cockhead glisten and sparkle like a big, pink, fleshy jewel. I was so engulfed in staring at his cock that I didn’t even see him turn his head slightly and see me standing there, so I nearly jumped out of my shoes when he said “You can come closer if you want a better look.” Every nerve in my body screamed “RUN AWAY!!! After a few minutes he broke the silence again and said “You know it usually takes me a while to shoot. ” Again, I didn’t speak a word, I just stepped beside him and slid to the floor coming to rest on my knees.

Don’t watch your son stroke his big, beautiful cock!!! I then realized I had just subconsciously gone to my knees beside of him. I found myself licking my lips and wanting to taste it. Everything else…my body, my subconscious…everything about me craved his big cock.

Starnes said he had more than 40 reviews on Airbnb.

Starnes shared a photo he took off the device that shows him and his wife staring up at the camera.I was thoroughly engulfed in pleasuring him and a big part of me didn’t want it to end. He eased up and let me off of it long enough to rotate between his legs and get my breath, then gripped my head with both hands and began thrusting his hips fucking my mouth. I normally gag, but I felt no gagging at all as he shoved his big dick as far down my throat as it would go. After my orgasm subsided I laid my head on his stomach with his cock literally laying across my face.After the fourth time of me edging him he told me he couldn’t take it anymore and felt like his balls were going to explode. With both of my hands bracing myself on the floor my mouth was his. I could hear him talking quietly, but I was so engulfed in pleasuring his cock I could barely make out the words. He had pulled my shirt and blouse over my head and was gently fondling my tits and pinching my nipples as I enjoyed the warmth of his cock on my face mixed with the afterglow of orgasm.I didn’t know if he noticed, but I was blatantly aware how my actions had positioned me. That voice in the back of my head screaming “You are his mom! ” was the only thing holding me back and I could feel myself losing the battle with that voice. I could feel him looking at me, but I was unable or perhaps unwilling to take my eyes off of it.With every stroke of his cock, with every bounce of his big balls, the voice was becoming weaker and weaker. We just sat there, him staring at me while I stared at it.The courage to say it would have quickly gone away if I hadn’t. I slowly slid my hand towards the head, feeling the ripple of every vein and I did until I reached that huge head and repeated his previous actions and ran my finger around the tip, swirling another big drop of precum all over it. He slid his i Pad off onto the floor and said “I want to watch you. I want you to make me cum.” That was all of the encouragement I needed. I wanted to make him cum, I wanted to see it shoot, and I wanted to take my time and enjoy it. I spent the next 15 minutes slowly and gently stroking his cock and fondling his big balls. He produced a tremendous amount of precum, big droplets rising to the top before gliding over the edge and lubricating his cock as I stroked it.


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