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The organization’s chief goal is to help all individuals live engaged, productive and meaningful lives in their communities through specially designed programs that help with socialization skills, as well as employment training programs that can benefit both the individual and the society-at-large.

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Dating Sites | Apps | Bars | Speed Dating | Events | Clubs | Chat Rooms | Personals | Ohio State Games | Acting Classes | Community Groups | Nonprofits It can take a lot of effort to have success in dating.

From taking a shower to doing your hair and putting on makeup to actually going where the people are and non-awkwardly starting a conversation, the doing stuff never seems to end.

When Remnick asked Christine Lai, the mother of a son with autism, what she envisions for her son in the future, she said, “The future that I envision for my son with autism is the same future that I envision for my son without autism.“We want them to live independently, we want them to have a job or some kind of meaningful activity, we want them to have friends, we want them to have romantic interests—we want all the things that we want for our typical children for our children on the spectrum.”What needs to be created in order to make those things happen?

“Autism is considered a children’s disorder really, you see little children having therapy, but you never see that in the context of an adult living in the world, being one in the community,” Lai replied.

ASD, defined as a complex set of neurological disorders that severely impact one’s social, communicative and cognitive functions, affects one in 68 children in the United States, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

ASDs are five times more common in boys (1 in 42) than in girls (1 in 189), and affect all racial, ethnic, and socioeconomic groups.

Alexandra Shiva, the film’s producer and director, had watched the autistic child of a close friend grow up, and became increasingly curious about what “coming of age” looked like for kids on the spectrum.

Shiva noticed there was little attention paid to this poignant transitional phase; as an artist who has “always been interested in stories of people trying to belong,” she wanted to change that.

Causes of ASD are still unknown, and researchers are still unclear as to what, if any, environmental triggers may play a role in the onset of the disorder.

Remnick, in collaboration with NEXT for AUTISM, a non-profit dedicated to building bright futures for people on the spectrum, screened the acclaimed HBO documentary “How to Dance in Ohio,” an endearing look at a group of young teenagers and adults with varied levels of ASD as they prepare for an iconic event—the prom—kick-starting their journey into adulthood.

Autism experts define this transitional period as “The Cliff”—the life-changing moment when young adults turn 21 and are no longer eligible for school programs or other ancillary programs, a daunting prospect for both kids and parents as they plan for what’s next.

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