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Sometimes we are so focused on our responsibilities that we never bother to try and figure out what would make us happy, or what we would do once we attained the happiness we seek.

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The episode also features some sly commentary on the rather bleak outlook that many black men harbor about black women.

Ebony is beautiful, educated, accomplished and selfless.

For all of his wisdom and experience, Robert is prone to the same self destructive tendencies as the rest of us.

He searches for true happiness, yet he is unable to enjoy it once he has it. The fact that she is genuinely into him brings all of his insecurities brimming to the surface.

The perpetually self hating Ruckus works overtime trying to convince the lovestruck Robert that such a black woman could never exist.

Riley also gives his granddad the worst advice imaginable."Lovely Ebony Brown" is both funny and unexpectedly touching.Its central message proves useful not only for granddad, but for all of us.Uncle Ruckus adds to the conflict in the neighborhood as he continues to keep a careful watch over the Freemans and, at one point, hounds the family after they sneak into a movie.The regular voice cast features Regina King, John Witherspoon and Cedric Yarbrough.As always, only the introspective Huey seems able to see the situation for what it is.


  1. The excitement is on thinking about all the things they like about you.

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  5. Gardner quit soon after and was replaced by Steven Adler.

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