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Except for literature Arabica was also used in religious schools and administration.Of course, it was in much lesser use than other scripts. It is important to emphasize that the earliest known texts of Croatian literature written in the Latin script (14th century) have traces of Church-slavonic influences.

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Hence, Croatian glagolitic, Cyrillic and Latin traditions cannot be viewed as separated entities.

We know that Middle Age Croatian scriptoriums were polygraphic (for example in Zadar and Krk), see [Malic, Na izvorima..., pp 35-56].

Croats love to pin any outcome, fortunate or tragic, to outside forces.#7 The best example of one such appreciation is when we say .

It’s equivalent to sighing in relief when something finally happens.

Since 2015, selected veterans in Fairfax County have been offered the opportunity to participate in an intensive court-supervised diversion program.

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Today the Croats are using exclusively the Latin Script.

The Arabica was also in use among the Muslims in Bosnia-Herzegovina.

It was in fact the Arabic script used for the Croatian language and it constitutes the so-called Adjami or Aljamiado literature, similarly as in Spain F.

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