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Screen Updating = True End Sub I want to filter so I see all rows that have Saved Family Code K123223.

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For more depth see Install a Macro or User Defined Function on my Formula page.

Speed and efficiency considerations can be seen in Proper, and other Text changes and in Slow Response. Generally to activate things you have changed the underlying formats. Also available on the code\page are Sep Last Name for people's names, Sep Last Word uses Str Reverse new in Excel 2000, Last Word function uses Str Reverse, resubstr function using VBA Script.

All of the macros can work with a selection involving multiple rows and columns. Screen Updating = False 'On Error Resume Next i Rows = Selection. Special Cells(xl Constants, xl Text Values) c Pos = In Str(1, cell, ",") If c Pos 1 Then origcell = cell. Value = Trim(Mid(cell, c Pos 1)) & " " _ & Trim(Left(cell, c Pos - 1)) End If Next cell Application.

In Sep Term selection of a single or multiple columns is the same. Row If m Row 0 Then newcell = newcell & " " & trimmed Selection. Calculation = xl Automatic 'xl Calculation Automatic Application.

I definitely took some of this code from other sites fyi. Create(Source Type:=xl Database, Source Data:=rng Data.

The last 2 sections of the code is what you want but im pasting everything so that you can see exactly how It runs start to finish with everything thats defined etc. Pivot Tables("Pivot Table1") 'Default value of Manual Update property is False so a Pivot Table report is recalculated automatically on each change. Add Fields Row Fields:="Verify Hr", Column Fields:=Array("Ward Clinic_Category", "IVUDDCIndicator") 'Add item to the Report Filter Pvt Tbl. Orientation = xl Page Field 'set data field - specifically change orientation to a data field and set its function property: With Pvt Tbl.

Manual Update = False End Sub Latest versions of Excel has a new tool called Slicers.

Visible = False End Select Next Pivot Item 'turn on automatic update / calculation in the Pivot Table Pvt Tbl.

_ Add Type:=xl Caption Equals, Value1:="K123223" Active Sheet. This filters things that are in the column labels or the row labels. Range("A1"), Table Name:="Pivot Table1", Default Version:=xl Pivot Table Version12 Set Pvt Tbl = ws Pvt Tbl. Manual Update = True 'Adds row and columns for pivot table Pvt Tbl.

Screen Updating = True End Sub I think i am understanding your question.

The fix USzip5 subroutine will repair the damage generally introduced by the Text to Data wizard or by software converting a scanned image to an Excel file.

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