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You will be prompted to list each player of the game and the number of rounds that you would like to play.

There isn't really any way to control what will come up, so the type of dares are very random.

If you are just looking for some fun questions to throw out to your sorority, this might be the game for you.

Pros include: If you want to play online with other people around the world, join Sasha Zeilig in her Friday Truth or Dare challenges at Come Play's Truth or Dare Online.

You will need a camera to post to the group and you will also need a Facebook account to join.

Additionally, you can create your own truth or dare challenges beforehand to personalize the game further.

There are several reasons why you might enjoying playing this online game.

If you want your game to be a bit more structured, you can submit player names by clicking on the turntable. Looking over the dares and the ad content as well as the comments on the site, this site is designed for adult players.

The forums are also very sexually oriented; therefore, this is a very 18 game.

After setting up an account with just a username and password, you can then click to create a game.

Choose the group name, maximum difficulty and types of prompts (nudity, dancing, public, internet, messy, photo, contact, etc.).

As it does not offer an online playing option, you will need a computer and some friends to play.

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