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One can obtain a divorce in Singapore's Family Court if one or both spouses is a Singapore Citizen, has lived in Singapore for at least three years, or is domiciled in Singapore.

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For example, you cannot apply for a divorce if you have been married less than three years unless you have the Court’s permission to do so.

Likewise, those salvaging marriages Typically to start the divorce proceedings, a 3-step process is required.

Under the category of civil marriages, the gender of a person is the one stated in his/her National Registration Identity Card.

Therefore, a recognized transgender person may marry a person who is of the opposite sex from his/her sex as stated in the NRIC.

All marriages performed in Singapore must be registered with the relevant registry in order to be legally valid.

Civil marriages are for couples where one or both partners are non-Muslim. The two parties have to register a date either at the Registry of Marriage (ROM) or on the ROM website.

DXO have more terms imposed compared to DSTA staffs.

Information regarding marriage of military and MINDEF staff is classified as restricted and is not released to the public.

Ministry of Defence (MINDEF) rules state that any marriages among MINDEF or Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) members must be approved by the personnel's Commanding Officer or G3 branch army.

Personnel are encouraged to consult their Chief Clerks (Branch Administration Officer / Executive) for the latest ruling regarding this.

In a mixed Muslim and non-Muslim pairing, it is more common for the non-Muslim partner to convert to Islam. Rigorous interviews are made to the groom to ensure that he is fit to guide the new convert as a wife and as a fellow Muslim.

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