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The Dimensionality Reduction technique for Big Table was described in [6.1].

Next, we discover that different types of products have different attributes like Author for Book or Length for Jeans.

Some of these attributes have a one-to-many or many-to-many nature like Tracks in Music Albums.

And this was where a new evolution of data models began: This section is devoted to the basic principles of No SQL data modeling.

Denormalization can be defined as the copying of the same data into multiple documents or tables in order to simplify/optimize query processing or to fit the user’s data into a particular data model.

No SQL databases are often compared by various non-functional criteria, such as scalability, performance, and consistency.

This aspect of No SQL is well-studied both in practice and theory because specific non-functional properties are often the main justification for No SQL usage and fundamental results on distributed systems like the CAP theorem apply well to No SQL systems.A Geohash uses a Z-like scan to fill 2D space and each move is encoded as 0 or 1 depending on direction.Bits for longitude and latitude moves are interleaved as well as moves.I would like to thank Daniel Kirkdorffer who reviewed the article and cleaned up the grammar.To explore data modeling techniques, we have to start with a more or less systematic view of No SQL data models that preferably reveals trends and interconnections.The encoding process is illustrated in the figure below, where black and red bits stand for longitude and latitude, respectively: An important feature of a Geohash is its ability to estimate distance between regions using bit-wise code proximity, as is shown in the figure.

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