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Blackbaud disburses funds into your nonprofit's designated bank account four times per month, and we provide all clients with a disbursement calendar for the entire year.

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However, you can still synchronize your systems by exporting transactions from the Blackbaud Merchant Services web portal and importing or keying them in to your other Blackbaud applications.

We are continuing to expand Blackbaud Mobile Pay integration with our other Blackbaud products. Once the transaction is processed, the consumer has the option to receive an automated email acknowledgement/confirmation.

Blackbaud Merchant Services processes Visa®, Master Card®, American Express®, JCB (US dollars only), Discover®, and Maestro® (where accepted) credit cards. Blackbaud Merchant Services will process debit cards that do not require a PIN. Blackbaud Merchant Services can process ACH payments in Raiser’s Edge, Raiser’s Edge NXT, Blackbaud Net Community, Blackbaud Online Express, on Board, on Message, and e Tapestry. You may set up as many Blackbaud Merchant Services accounts as you need at no charge and for no monthly service fee. When you use Blackbaud Merchant Services, Blackbaud is your single point of contact for your Blackbaud software, gateway, merchant accounts, and PCI compliance.

That means that when you have a question, you have just one company to call. Blackbaud Merchant Services deposits funds into your bank(s) of choice.

Blackbaud Merchant Services is ready to use with our award-winning, PCI-compliant nonprofit software solutions including Raiser’s Edge NXT, Raiser’s Edge, Luminate Online, Blackbaud Net Community, Blackbaud CRM, e Tapestry, Altru, The Patron Edge, Blackbaud Online Express, on Board, and on Message.

Our seamless integration enables you to maximize your Blackbaud investment, so you'll eliminate double entry and gain extensive time savings with streamlined bank reconciliation.

*Up to two credit card readers are free to Blackbaud clients.

Blackbaud Mobile Pay is currently available in the United States and Canada.

Blackbaud One RATE gives you one flat rate across all transaction and credit card types—including Visa, Master Card, Discover, American Express, and Maestro.

Blackbaud Merchant Services processes all transactions, including real-time, batch, point-of-sale, card present, and card not present.

The data you enter syncs directly with your Raiser’s Edge database.


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