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(P59) The Halo-Halo was a bit different because it had a slimy texture because of the Ube made with gata.In Tiwi Halo-Halo tradition, it was served with cheese sprinkled on top. This one is a matter of preference -- I like it because it has its own character, while my wife hates it because it was slimy.

(P61) Wilson's specialty is the Pork Binangoongan which is prepared with toasted alamang.

The Bicol Express is made with gata and a good mix of fatty and lean meat pork.

It is a fusion of Batil-Patong and Pancit Cabagan pansit.

Gretchen's was awarded as one of the cleanest pansiteria in town so we decided to eat here. 100 Awesome Restaurants in the Philippines | Permalink | Comments (5) | Track Back Rate this post: Congratulations to Manny Pacquiao for beating Oscar de la Hoya! It was very inspiring to meet the people the Philippine Mount Everest Team!

You would see native artworks from Sorsogon around the resto and a single ceiling fan to cool the surroundings.

Allegedly, this place is a favorite hang-out of Atenistas, Rockwell people and foodies.

It is best if Wilson Tan is in the resto because he will be the one to cook for you. We tried out the cool drinks and it tasted like it was over diluted with water.

For less than P40, you should lower your expectations on these drinks.

Don't worry most of them are the same in taste and they differ in the ambiance, cleanliness and service of the place. The main ingredients are pansit miki Tuguegarao, cara beef, togue with an egg on top.


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