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There is not enough proof that MOST people in this industry are suffering.

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If you are curious to know how much that converts to real dollars, it means that half of the cammodels are making less than $12/h.

This further shows how competitive the industry is and just because someone is willing to remove their clothes they certainly won’t be rolling in money.

Even if tomorrow I won the lottery and I had a couple of millions of dollars in my account, I would still be camming. Someone might say that maybe my case is not the norm.

Maybe not, however, there are many cases like mine that the media never or rarely talks about.

After eight years of observation, Mila says, straight up, that camming is a criminal business on an international scale” “Cam sites are ideal for laundering.

The studios are being used to have girls online accepting a financed hand that uses ‘dirty’ money to buy the private time.

Because well, who wants to hear about a happy camgirl, That kind of news simply does not go hand in hand with what most of today’s society expects to read.

Some of you might argue that the reality of camming is a very different one in the Eastern world, where a large number of camgirls work for studios.

She was terminated by myfreecams, served jail time and also the site started a new rule not allowing any models from Thailand to stream.

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