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But then I saw that there was an option to turn off the blood an gore.(Only works on PS4 and Xbox One) This removes all blood completely and if there is a scene if someone's hand is getting ripped off, then the option blurs it out.(Option is called Graphic content- turn it off if you don't want blood) So it basically turns it into a 12s game.

I love this game it's amazing but parents please watch and research what your buying your kid and how they act.i started playing this just a few short months ago and i loved it.

I think its a great game for kids no older than 14 because of the content filter which removes all blood and language from the game.

I personally like to play multiplayer more than the main story. It happens to be the scariest thing to do in the game. If your child does not like to be frightened by jump scares, tell them about zombies so they know to avoid it. Really, if you can't handle your kid seeing someone smoke, you most likely haven't been outside.

Occasionally, people drink, but it's not like you haven't taken your kid to a sports restaurant and said, ' Hi, yes, I would like to take a Michelob Ultra.

And even then, it is nothing that you wouldn't see in a PG-13 movie unless your child gets queasy or uneasy quickly. It has great role models that show that the good guys can only win if they fight for what is right, and try as hard as they can.

It is very easy to play so there isn't much stress at all.

They also curse every ten minutes, so be aware of that.

There is what they call a "content filter" which you can use to turn off blood and cursing.

I, however, do think that there are some things in this games that I would like to talk about.

For instance, there is language in this game for words like f---, s---, and son of a b----. Most 10 and 11 year olds should know those words by that age.

Great story mode, great multi player, but if you REALLY wanna have some fun, invite some friends over and get the zombie chronicles for it. Let me start out with this game is for certain people.

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