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However, there are some beautiful young women whose approach is adversarial, they got game and come seeking hypergamy, therefore wealthy men and women should choose the person they want to couple up with wisely.

The person you find may be considerably younger than you, so what, there’s no need for jealousy, ignore the naysayers?

But due to the demand to meet a rich companion and having a sugar daddy arrangement our surveys suggested that we had to add another level to our sugar daddy finder, a usp which is being requested by most high net worth individuals who are time poor.

In order to get ahead of the uneven numbers between young women and rich men we offer the following option.

Once you enter this world temptation is around every click so remember to take your time choosing the person who will be right for you.

More As there can sometimes be many more younger women to every rich man/woman we offer the following option.has created a unique usp which no other similar site has; We give young women & toyboys the option to create an Xfile profile (rather than a ‘Standard Profile’ ) in their account, which can include erotic, sexy photos and explicit ‘ The person i’d like to couple up with ‘ text, that only premium paying Gold members can view, no prior permission is needed by gold members to view these Xfile photos as permission automatically comes with gold membership.It’s not compulsory for younger women to create Xfile photos, but those that do will catch a sugar daddy’s eye quicker.Read more about the concept of Xfiles via the link at the top of the page.We do not accept applications from escorts or sex workers. Please take a few minutes to write down text for ‘ My Bio ‘ and ‘ The person I’d like to couple up with ‘ boxes.has a unique usp which no other site has; As there can be many more youngladies to each wealthy man, offers young ladies the option to create an Xfile Profile (instead of a ‘Regular Profile ‘), where they can add erotic, sexy, photos that only premium paying Gold members can automatically view.


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