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Brazilian public tastes began to be attracted to the telenovelas of Rede Globo.The station sold 50% of its shares to Silvio Santos in 1972, but Record did not regain its higher ratings.

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It changed its programming in several ways, adding more sports coverage (for instance, broadcast the World Cup 1998); investigative journalism (with Câmera Record) and many others.

It added several United States series, such as Star Trek, The X-Files, Millennium and The Three Stooges (also including, in later years, House, M.

Given the Pentecostal connections of the new leadership it's no surprise that Record's long line of religious programming would be traced to its relaunch.

On October 12, 1995, the network became infamous throughout the country because of the "Kicking of the saint" episode, aired during the church's late night program.

In 1989, Sílvio Santos and Paulo Machado de Carvalho's family sold Record to Edir Macedo and his Igreja Universal do Reino de Deus.

The following year Record became a national channel, in conjunction with their 37th anniversary of broadcasting, debuting its current logo, and later that year began satellite broadcasts, returning to Rio in 1993.

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It was founded by Paulo Machado de Carvalho in São Paulo, as a competitor for then-dominant Rede Tupi from Diários Associados.


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