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The bezel and metal body have very little unwanted movement, and it doesn’t feel too tight against the wrist.

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Sports dating swimmers dating

The Samsung Gear Sport was released on October 27 2017, or November 1 if you’re currently residing in Australia.

It is one of the cheaper Samsung Gear watches on the market now though, as the Gear S3 is slowly being discontinued and is curiously rising in price.

While not as costly as the Apple Watch 3, it’s still rather expensive for something in a category that’s not seen as necessary…

more of a luxury buy, or a great gift for a significant other when you just can’t decide what to buy them.

Add in a pair of Bluetooth headphones and sync some music from the streaming platform, and you’re completely kitted out and phone free on a long run.

Setting up the service is as fiddly as can be - you’ll need to type in a password using an old-school T9 keyboard (those old enough to remember the early days of texting will know what that means) and peck out your username and password.

As mentioned, is there, but there's no Strava app, no Nike Plus, and many other titles we felt like were missing from the platform - although Under Armour Record is there, if you're embedded in that platform.

This isn't necessarily a massive problem - we're seeing that it's more important that the basics are covered with a smartwatch, such as integrated workouts, nice alerts and more relevant notifications.

Samsung’s been offering some market-leading capabilities with its digital timepieces for a while, so is the Gear Sport the perfect fusion?

Weight: 67g Dimensions: 42.9 x 44.6 x 11.6 mm OS: Tizen 3Storage: 4GBScreen size: 1.2-inch Resolution: 360 x 360Screen type: Super AMOLEDBattery: 300m Ah Processor: Exynos 3520 dual RAM: 768MBIP rating: 50m waterproof If you’re hoping the Samsung Gear Sport price is going to be a bit more palatable this year, you’re going to be disappointed as it’s retailing at 9 / £299 / AU9.

It's nice that you can reply to a Whats App message, for instance, without needing to open the app, but otherwise if you're looking to augment the capabilities of the Gear Sport you're not going to find a lot here other than some third-party apps that you'll be unwilling to take a chance on.

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