Cystic fibrosis dating other people with cystic fibrosis me dating

MW: I think the three most important things would be: understanding your chronic illness, sharing any struggles, and treating you as an equal partner.

I never pity you, never see you as anything less than the man that you are because of your "condition".

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Having just come out from a divorce, I didn’t want to go through another loss, another heartache, and my mind was fully aware that starting a relationship with someone who could leave me sooner than later once again didn’t seem like the smartest idea. The one thing that worries me is that possibility of you not being there in the future, of this chronic illness taking you away from this world before we’ve accomplished and experienced everything we want to do together.

But like they say, the heart wants what it wants and here I am, still by your side. How do you feel it affects decisions you make or feelings you have on a day-to-day basis? I thought it would, but it’s always been a part of our relationship so to me it’s normal. Your CF makes me realize that today is truly all we have.

but it also applies to being the partner of anyone, disease or not. After meeting Brian, I’ve come to realize that although CF is a serious condition, people living with it can: thrive and lead normal lives; maintain a positive outlook; be compliant with their treatments; and, incorporate exercise as part of their daily routine.

EE: What advice would you give someone who is starting out in a relationship with someone with CF?

The conversation and support that came through the phone conversations from this very new person in my life, conveyed something very powerful and important to me in a time of significiant difficulty.

In one of the most difficult times in my life, she was there, and didn't run.

When you cough, when you do your treatments, when you take your pills, when you feel weak - I don’t think of you as sick. That I must take advantage of the present, that living life is not about postponing things.

That feelings, experiences, choices must be faced now, not tomorrow.

I believe it is important to be a true friend, someone you can talk to, about your CF, about anything.

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