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Gabriel Byrne has married in Ballymaloe Country House Hotel in Co Cork.

The couple also dined in Ballycotton on Sunday, where locals said they seemed very relaxed and very much in love.

Cloyne woman Sharon Murray met them as Byrne was helping King reverse a car out of a parking space. She posted the photograph taken by her son Liam, 16, of Byrne with her, husband Tony, and their children, 13-year-old twins Brian and Caitlin, on Twitter yesterday.

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The news was made public on RTÉ’s Liveline programme by Dublin city councillor and playwright Mannix Flynn who congratulated the couple and wished them “many years of great togetherness and happiness, that’s fantastic news.” Byrne was previously married to the actress Ellen Barkin. He had also been in a relationship with the late TV producer and presenter Aine O’Connor. She has made documentaries and docudramas for Discover, Current TV and PBS among many others.

In December 2012, Byrne revealed that he was in a “committed relationship” and that King was “lovely, intelligent, and beautiful, absolutely beautiful”. He recently starred in Quirke, the series about an Irish detective set in 1950s Dublin.

The couple has holidayed at Ballymaloe on several occasions.

A champion of the slow-food movement, which has been espoused for decades by Ballymaloe figurehead Myrtle Allen, Byrne and King spent several days relaxing at the Allen family-run hotel in the run-up to the wedding.

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“We just spotted him and asked him if there was any chance of a photograph. “He was such a lovely man, so nice, and showed no sign of wedding nerves.

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