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We will explore these methods in-depth with some useful examples in the coming section.If we observe the two above examples, both examples are doing the same thing.In Example-1, we have created Iterator object externally and retrieved List object elements one by one.

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Each Java cursor have some advantages and drawbacks.

We will discuss some basics about Enumeration and full details about Iterator in this posts.

We will discuss about List Iterator and Spliterator in my coming posts.

To overcome all these issues, Java come-up with new Cursors: Iterator and List Iterator in Java 1.2.

INSTALLATION on a UNIX-ALIKE configure now adds a compiler switch for C 11 code, even if the compiler supports C 11 by default.

(This ensures that g 6.x uses C 11 mode and not its default mode of C 14 with ‘GNU extensions’.) The tests for C 11 compliance are now much more comprehensive.

We will targeting a fix for this in our next release.

Unfortunately it's not as simple as just updating our compiler flags since we are using a different toolchain to enable support for older platforms.

It has introduced a new type of Cursor: Spliterator in Java 1.8.

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