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The jacks are smaller than the ensigns, but they have the same proportions.The Swedish swallowtail flag was originally the King's personal emblem, or the emblem representing a command conferred by the King.

A royal warrant of 18 August 1761, stipulated that an all blue triple-tailed flag to be used by the archipelago fleet, a branch of the army tasked with defending the archipelago along the Swedish coastlines.

The commander of the fleet also had the right to order the use of the ordinary war ensign instead of the blue ensign when that was "appropriate".

It has been suggested the Swedish flag was created during the reign of King Charles VIII, who also introduced the coat of arms of Sweden in 1442.

The national coat of arms is a combination of King Albert's coat of arms of 1364 and King Magnus III's coat of arms of 1275, and is blue divided quarterly by a golden cross pattée.

The dimensions of the Swedish flag are 5:2:9 horizontally and 4:2:4 vertically.

The dimensions of the Swedish flag with a triple-tail are 5:2:5:8 horizontally and 4:2:4 vertically.

The Swedish American Museum has been active for 40 years in the heart of Andersonville, a traditionally Swedish area on the north side of Chicago.

Andersonville, the “Little Sweden” of Chicago, is one of the most concentrated areas of Swedish heritage in the United States, with Swedish roots dating back to the 19th century.

As my Swedish friend has published a similar kind of Facebook post today about why not to date Dutch girls, may you be the judge and say which nationality is worse! Everything happens when it’s planned and you’re supposed to have a ticket for things and show it when your turn is up.

So here they come, inspired by my Swedish friend Jonas, enjoy!

The Nordic Cross design traditionally represents Christianity.

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