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She was all smiles at that moment & so was I , if anyone ever asks me "which perfume did you fall in love with" I'd happily say "Chloe" this perfume is absolute romance, it smells BEAUTIFUL! This is powerful stuff so you don't want to spray on too much. It lingers around, others will definitely be able to smell you! But there's something so alluring and heavenly smelling, it does something to me❤️ If you're looking for something different, Chloe is the one you need to reach for!But only those special will smell it the most ;) I don't mean to sound weird but I actually feel like licking myself when I have this on haha! Xx Beautiful, distinct, classy are words which totally describe this special perfume.

Maybe it will grow on me and I will love it again but for now I just want to finish the bottle and I won't repurchase it. It’s so feminine, fresh, strong but not overpowering and very classy. Airy, velvety soft rose and juicy sweet lychee fruit.. Chloe is a very well-blended floral that exudes grace, elegance and classiness. Although I'm in no way a snob, I do appreciate that it is not a sweet floral but rather a blend of richness that really settles into my skin.

this and Glow by Jennifer Lopez are my favorite youthful rose scents. I cannot stand any Chloe perfumes, they are all sharp and screechy. (Chloe Roses is almost ok.) I don't okay with this perfume, I love the litchi in other perfume. Give it a moment--the layers in this fragrance seem to open gently and literally melts into my skin.

I will definitely wear it without a problem, I don't dislike it by any means but I am still a bit disappointed. But nowadays I also smell it when I test this perfume on a tissue and that holds me back from testing it on my skin again. For me, it was not the first or second time that I tried this scent that I fell in love, but the third time was the charm!!

I smells too "cold" for my taste if that makes sense. It’s not my very favorite, but it’s one of my favorites. I wouldn't call Chloe seductive by any means but definitely quite pretty, classy, and cheerful. Recently while patio dining with gentle September breezes, a nice Chardonnay and friends visiting our table, I caught a whiff of this delicious scent. The next morning I gave it another try--pure pleasure!!

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The new eponymous eau de parfum by Chloe is quite a departure from the once-popular tuberose composition of the same name.

This is the direction modern fragrance ought to follow. It even remained after I washed my wrist, but I will be returning it.

It just doesn't work with my skin chemistry, I guess. Chloe was the first floral goodness that had me saying "wow" "omg it's gorgeous" upon seconds after the sales person sprayed it on my wrist!

I smell the floral bits, slightly, but wow - just powerful, and way too mature, and like burnt pepper. There is nothing powdery to distract from the luscious rose which seems to be the case with many rosy fragrances.

This is not one that I will wear everyday (although I can see why some would) because I want to be surprised by the beauty of this rose each time I put it on.

What a lovely blend of silken rose and musky powder! When Chloe is first sprayed, it is very strong and sharp. I love it and will always have it in my collection.

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