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One educational session, about the use of HR metrics at USC, illustrated the impact on managerial thinking, even at a simple level. “We found a lot of our HR community lacks the skills we wish they had,” Frost said.

“We use metrics to support or refute institutional wisdom,” said Rachel Levy, a USC compensation analyst, who presented the session with USC’s consultant, The Infohrm Group, Inc., based in Brisbane, Australia. Second, it’s true that its tenured faculty members are older, but they’re not required to retire, and most work into their 70s or later. In another educational session, Jen Frost, global IT project manager at Carlsbad, Calif.-based Life Technologies Corp., explained how the biotech tools developer had built a web-based metrics application, called i View, with the help of Emergent Path, a consulting firm in San Diego. “We built the tool so it was easy to use.” That might not be enough, said Joanne Bintliff-Ritchie, chief strategist at Double Star, Inc., a West Chester, Pa.-based provider of products and services that help enterprises make human capital decisions.

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“This is decision science, and decision science is not a skill set for most HR people.” Spurred partly by technology and partly by the changing expectations of Millennials and the younger Generation Z, the traditional, process-driven approach to HR is morphing.

Organizations are developing new ways to source jobs that meet a candidate’s individual interests and strengths.

“Business leaders generally think HR does a great job with the portal, the systems, hiring and training. We’re still in the service paradigm.” In an interview, Boudreau said neither HR professionals nor business leaders have historically thought about what HR data can really do for them.

He urged HR to understand what metrics and analysis can do, and then learn how to help business partners see how HR data can help them solve the people problems that matter to them.

“In 2015, as more technology floods the workplace (smartwatches, wearable devices and even smarter phones), HR should take a hard look at the entire work environment and do everything possible to make work more humane, rational and simple,” wrote Bersin in his article, “What’s in Store for HR in 2015? Creating more open workspaces, introducing work/life balance programs and simplifying work processes are some of the ideas Bersin put forward.

Take a seven-step process and reduce it to three, or take a competency model with 20 competencies and reduce it to 10 or less, he recommended. It means taking a sophisticated view of a program or process, detailing all that it entails, and then carefully and ruthlessly stripping out what is not urgently needed.” The feature identified Virginia Vega, senior by Phrase Finder" href=" career and learning of HR at Genentech Inc.

SAN DIEGO—After years spent acquiring and organizing gigabytes of data about the workforce, HR’s challenge is to provide business leaders with actionable information that helps them make decisions about people with the same kind of rigor, logic and facts they use to make decisions about by Phrase Finder" href=" marketing strategies and new products.

Supporting these fact-based talent decisions with HR metrics and workforce analytics, especially during a time of economic challenge, was a central theme at the annual conference of the International Association of Human Resource Information Management (IHRIM), held in San Diego April 19-22.

EMPLOYEES this year, according to Josh Bersin, principal and founder of Bersin by Deloitte.

Deloitte’s global human capital trends research shows that more than two-thirds of all surveyed organizations believe their employees are “overwhelmed” by a 24/7 work environment exacerbated by technology.

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