Uhm jung hwa dating

And he invests a lot of time on networking to get a big break.

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Youngest daughter of the chairman of Hanyoung Apparel.

She graduated with top honors from the S-Mode Institute and currently holds the title of vice president at her father’s company.

She likes being single and has no plans to get married.

Meanwhile, Tae-kang only has a high school diploma but wants a career as a shoe designer.

She has pretty looks, a stellar academic background, and a wealthy dad. But she was the daughter of her father’s mistress so she had to live in the shadows while growing up.

Deep inside, she has a vulnerable heart but on the surface, she is blunt, cold, feisty and unfazed by anything. With her father’s support, she is on course to succeed him as his successor but she finds herself competing with her rival, Ji-ahn. Ji-ahn's extravagant walk-in shoe closet was custom-made for the drama, with the shoes inside plus those located in the character's company and office amounting to a total of 500 pairs of footwear worth ₩120 million.So hardly anyone perceives him as a married man who has settled down with a family.He wants to keep dating girls without settling down with one woman. But then he meets Ji-ahn on an arranged date and becomes interested in her when she makes up a story about how she has early menopause to turn him off.But a one-night stand is about to throw a wrench in her immaculate and perfect life.In his twenties, he vowed to become rich within ten years.The drama received lower-than-expected ratings with an average of 8.2 percent, according to data compiled by TNm S (Total National Multimedia Statistics); it remained at the bottom of the Wednesday and Thursday primetime ratings chart throughout the whole 16 episodes.

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