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But animal rights activists say "culture" isn't a good enough reason to keep elephants in captivity in the city.

There is diminishing tolerance among Delhi's educated elite for keeping wild animals in captivity.

But perhaps the younger generation is also less interested in making a living through such an antiquated business.

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The shanty is completely open to the cold in winter, and to stifling heat in summer. It can take all day for an elephant to get from one venue to another, moving at a cracking pace of 4 kilometres an hour through Delhi's choking traffic jams.

Mahboob's family has made a living from elephants for 250 years."My great-great-grandfather was working as an elephant handler with a king," he says."The king gifted an elephant to him, and since then we have been owning elephants." Elephants pulling carriages were not an unusual sight in the capital's streets during the days of Mughal rule and the British Raj.Cision is an important part of our PR work, since it provides a flexible system for packaging our press releases to relevant journalists and other stakeholders.Furthermore, we easily find new target groups when we want to make special custom mailshots.His mahout tries to placate him by feeding him freshly cooked chapati bread, which he devours before continuing to sway and snort at anyone who comes near him.The points of his tusks have been shaved off, but his might is not diminished.Watching the elephants bathe in Delhi's Yamuna River, it is hard to disagree. The beasts bathe underneath an overpass that churns with traffic.

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