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“Very pretty” she said, embarrassing me even further, “but something is missing.” With that she went to the top right drawer I had so recently violated and pulled out a pink bra that matched the panties I was wearing.It was a set and the bra was just as beautiful, with satin and lace and delicate embroidery all over the cups. “No, please” I said in a trembling voice, close to tears. I helplessly held out my arms as she slipped the straps over my shoulders and snapped the bra in the back.

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My experience of being caught with Aunt Rachel’s panties happened when I was 16, shortly after my folks had told me that I was adopted.

One Saturday my Mom asked me to drop a cake pan off at Aunt Rachel’s.

I thumbed through the piles of panties, recognizing many pairs I had encountered in the hamper at one time or another.

Not wanting to waste this golden opportunity I quickly selected two pairs, a red string bikini panty with black eyelet edging and a beautiful pink bikini with the pretty white lace and pink satin appliqués and stuffed them down the front of my pants. I just stood and stammered, trying to think of an excuse for being in her room.

Just as she got to the doorway, she stopped and turned around. She reached down, grabbed the hem of the ankle length skirt she was wearing and hiked it up to her thighs.

She reached up under her skirt and skinned off the panties she was wearing as I watched with wide-eyed disbelief.

I had begun to seep some pre-cum and could see a nice big wet spot showing through the silky nylon.

I couldn’t help myself, even though I knew I would be in even bigger trouble when Aunt Rachel came back and found me like this. She led me to the bathroom and had me sort through the hamper to find her undergarments.

I truly couldn’t believe what had just happened to me! As frightened as I was I couldn’t help but to cautiously poke my tongue out and lap at the salty sweetness of her juices.


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