I want to sex chat with hot aunties

She took this pair, black nylon panties with a pretty pink satin bow at the waist, stepped over to me and pulled them down over my face.

Occasionally I would suck the crotch of the panties into my mouth to keep the taste fresh on my lips.

In spite of myself I had gradually developed a raging hard-on that was bulging against the leg band of my pretty pink panties.

If it weren’t for the load of trouble I felt I was about to get into with my parents, this would have been a dream come true for me. I sat there inhaling the scent I had become so familiar with over the past few years.

This time, though, the scent was fresh and even more delicious than when I had worshipped panties stolen from Aunt Rachel’s hamper.

My experience of being caught with Aunt Rachel’s panties happened when I was 16, shortly after my folks had told me that I was adopted.

One Saturday my Mom asked me to drop a cake pan off at Aunt Rachel’s.She was a beautiful redhead with a voluptuous body. When I got to her house I found that no one was home. I found the spare key she kept hidden on the front porch, nervously unlocked the door and went in.I dropped the cake pan hurriedly on the kitchen counter and made a beeline for Aunt Rachel’s bedroom.I truly couldn’t believe what had just happened to me! As frightened as I was I couldn’t help but to cautiously poke my tongue out and lap at the salty sweetness of her juices.There I sat, totally sissified by my gorgeous aunt, with the pussy panel of her very own panties right over my face and nose. She may have been mad, but something about this situation sure did excite Aunt Rachel!” I looked down and could see the obvious bulge that the two pairs of panties were making in my pants. “You are not leaving this room until you show me what you have in there!

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