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Such is his prowess so early in his artistry, as he lives up to his statement, “Artists are starting to become who they are and not falling into the hole of their environment”. He’d offered to meet up with me, when he landed (yes, I asked first), and he pulled through, proving that he’s always there for his Day One fans. I’ve been spending a lot of time doing things like drinking coconut water, trying to find the best roti shop, going into town and walking through the markets, seeing the culture of my people, interacting with a lot of people, and asking a lot of questions.

Gwen Stefani and Kim Gordon are basically opposites, but it still worked.

I worked in a tattoo shop from eighth grade until college. I would go there, sit, flip through books, and kill time. But then one day, the owner was like, "You're always here.

Check out Outlish’s interview with Theophilus London, as he talks about completing his debut album, and how Trinidad and Tobago inspires him. I’ve been asking about the early, early culture of Trinidad…

“Jam” was like my speak-out on being pissed about it. O: So how would you describe your sound because people call it hipster rap, indie rap, electro rap etc.

Pumping music that keeps you dancing, Theo isn’t your average rapper.

He’s an innovator on the microphone, mashing musical genres together to create a sound that is new wave and pop.

" To date, Kola has worked with Solange, Justin Bieber, and Kid Cudi—and become a kind of star herself in the process, thanks to cool friends (Zoe Kravitz, Theophilus London), runway stints (she's a DKNY catwalk regular), and now, her second clothing collection for Puma.

We spoke with the former tattoo artist about her '90s crushes, her Instagram rules, and why the "model-slash-DJ" term needs to die.

My love affair with Theophilus London began in 2009.

Granted that he dropped his first mixtape “Jam” in 2008, I was a bit late to the party, but it was still swinging when I arrived. O: You mentioned going on BET and the crowd saying to get you off the stage.

The summer I turned 14, I would volunteer at the local hospital, and on my way, I would see this tattoo shop with really cool art books inside. I didn't think they'd noticed me, because I never said anything.


  1. Someone saw this up on top,and my phone was a ringin’.

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