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In order to ensure equal numbers of men and women at our events, everyone must register in advance.If you need to cancel you may be eligible for a refund or event rain check, based on our cancellation policy, provided you contact us before the event day.

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Upon successful registration we will email you a confirmation with the event details.

For questions about the Event email Sandy, your Providence Pre-Dating Speed Dating Coordinator or to register by phone call 401-486-3364.

Protecting the environment and our water is important to all of us.

Our free Household Hazardous Waste Events are one of the ways we serve the City. When I’m not at work, you’ll find me planning our next dive.

She wrote: 'This is clearly a garden room with the potential for a variety of uses.

It is clear that the purpose of this room is some sort of party, music, hobby or office space.'The likely use by the applicant....

I’m in awe at how I created a life and get to be with that life a long time. My father worked as a Water Treatment Operator and moved into source and supply.

His background in the industry opened the door for me at the City, where I started as a lawn crew kid.

But he withdrew the application after he received a number of objections from residents of his north London neighbourhood, who complained he was trying to 'hoodwink' the council by describing the sizable building as a 'shed'.

One resident objected: 'This is not a shed - this is a large four metre structure which is tantamount to a flagrant attempt at encroachment.

I’m pretty proud that I got my first elk this year.


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