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I'm not old enough to experience it myself but from what I can tell, 10-20 year age gaps don't seem remotely weird or creepy for people over the age of 40 or so.

So far (I only 25), I've found the 7 x/2 formula has been remarkably accurate, expanding at about the same rate as the age range of people I would intuitively consider dating.

Now, as a piece of maths, let's look at it mathematically, oh look it's maths seems to be flawed."My point is that what I gather from this thread Moo's reasoning is far from universal; IE people are not looking at the problem firsthand and the mathematical implications secondly but ONLY on the mathematical implications.

Sourmilk - I know couples with age gaps around 10 years, one of my sets of grandparents among them.

Now there may need to be a secondary function for those marrying the geriatric for inheritance purposes, but I don't think that's a factor in the 1/2 7 formula.

And I also like that the current formula does work at the bottom edge of the range where anything that is actually "dating" typically starts; basically "13 is too young, and 14-15 should keep more or less in their grade level."What's wrong with a 60 year old dating a 37 year old?

Speaking of which, you've been quite vague about said problem.

Don't assume we know what "the problem" is; I personally have no idea.

I'd guess the social norms that look down upon relationships with a large age gap?

Jos: this is a thread discussing an equation developed by Randall Munroe in one of his comics (or at least referenced, if he didn't make it himself), and is relevant to xkcd; where else would this discussion be?

Now I might be wrong, but I'd guess that you haven't yet reached an age where the "age/2 7" formula suggests that it's okay to date 10 years past your age.

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