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While most of it is concerned with the icon’s musical career, it also peers closely at the women at Mc Cartney’s side through the decades.PAUL MCCARTNEY WORKING TO RETRIEVE RIGHTS TO BEATLES SONGS First off, doe-eyed Mc Cartney was never the “nice” Beatle, the one even parents could embrace, though that’s how he played it in the early throes of Beatlemania.He’d met Linda Eastman before, but this time she snapped into focus.

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A small marquee has been erected in the garden and a further canopy outside the rear entrance of the house to allow guests a degree of privacy on arrival.

The low-key wedding is in stark contrast to Sir Paul's second marriage to Heather Mills, a former glamour model whom he divorced amid bitter acrimony in 2008.

A court ordered the former Beatle to pay Miss Mills almost £25 million in compensation for a marriage which had lasted just four years before the couple split.

Sir Paul, 69, married Miss Mills in an altogether more lavish affair at Castle Leslie in Ireland in 2002 in front of several hundred guests.

Just 30 guests were expected to attend the civil ceremony in central London.

Sir Paul married the then Linda Eastman there on March 12 1969.

neither of them wanted a huge fuss ,ade and the main priority, for both, was family." On Friday night, Sir Paul and Miss Shevell appeared in public together for a meal at Cecconi's restaurant in Mayfair, where they were joined by relatives of the American bride-to-be.

Miss Shevell clung on to Sir Paul's arm and in doing so showed off a large, diamond engagement ring.

At some point, he added 24-year-old Apple music employee Francie Schwartz to the harem.

In 1968, on a trip to New York, after ending it with Asher, Mc Cartney eyed a blond photographer.

This time around, the marriage to Miss Shevell, is being warmly welcomed.


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