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Just 30 guests were expected to attend the civil ceremony in central London.

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According to Norman, Mc Cartney hit it off with so many ardent young fans the numbers were legendary.

Mc Cartney once bragged to a cousin about a foursome he’d particularly enjoyed as the only male.

While most of it is concerned with the icon’s musical career, it also peers closely at the women at Mc Cartney’s side through the decades.

PAUL MCCARTNEY WORKING TO RETRIEVE RIGHTS TO BEATLES SONGS First off, doe-eyed Mc Cartney was never the “nice” Beatle, the one even parents could embrace, though that’s how he played it in the early throes of Beatlemania.

A small marquee has been erected in the garden and a further canopy outside the rear entrance of the house to allow guests a degree of privacy on arrival.

The low-key wedding is in stark contrast to Sir Paul's second marriage to Heather Mills, a former glamour model whom he divorced amid bitter acrimony in 2008.

It was reported that Sir Paul's younger brother Mike will be best man at today's wedding with his daughter Beatrice, seven, from his marriage to Miss Mills acting as the sole bridesmaid.

According to the Daily Mirror, Stella Mc Cartney has played a role not only with the dress but also putting together the dinner menu.

Miss Shevell's cousin is Barbara Walters, 82, the veteran US broadcaster, who took to the social network site twitter on Friday to declare: "going away for a big weekend.

Will tell you more when I get back." In doing so she triggered the intense speculation that the wedding will be today, a suggestion backed up by the flurry of activity at Sir Paul's home.

Eventually, the lad from Liverpool settled into a fairy-tale romance with the upper-crust doctor’s daughter, Jane Asher, even living with her family for a few years.


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  3. Their partnership remained unchanged at 50-50 until the start of 2000 when Daimler AG (the parent company of Mercedes-Benz) exercised an option it had been granted as part of an engine supply deal, dating back five years, and they purchased 40 percent of the team, with the two shareholders each parting with 20 percent.

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