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They will be FREE to share with your family and friends!All inclusive for .00 Pre-register by June 8th and your pageant fee is .00 and also receive a USA Trophy with your name! Refer 5 new contestants to the pageant and you can Enter free Paypal: [email protected] is an all inclusive pageant.There will be a dressing room Beauty Attire: Sunday best, Pageant Wear, Flower girls dress, Baby Doll dress, or Formal dress.

Boys 0-6 years We are only having 1 age group for boys since at the last pageant we only had 1 boy to enter.

We allow make-up and hair pieces but please keep it to a minimum. We are a Natural to Soft-Glitz pageant system which means very little make-up on ages 2 and under and the child should look age appropriate.

There is also a Miracle Maker Princess Division which is anyone who raises $100 for CMN will receive a 4″ crown, 2 ft trophy, entry fee paid for both pageants and a seperate title of MIracle Maker Princess.

Contact [email protected] forms or call 731-432-2222 for additional information This is the last preliminary to qualify for this year’s West Tennessee Strawberry Festival! join us at our annual USA Liberty Beauties Beauty Pageant We never charge you for the pictures we take and post on our website.

NEVER is it acceptable to tap a judge on the shoulder, speak to a judge, or be near their table. If you are not entering the Over All categories, you are not required to stay unless you want to watch other contestants.

No poor sportsmanship will be tolerated of any kind. You will be aloud to take pictures form the side of the stage during the pageant. No pictures on stage while the pageant is going on will be allowed.Parents may accompany children up to age 5 on stage, if their child needs them.Or if the child will not go on stage without parent.Age Groups and Start time of Pageant: Girls only from any location Birth-24 months am 2-4 months am Pre-K-K years p.m. Girls only from Westview High School Miss Martin 9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th Grade p.m.1st and 2nd Grade pm 3rd, 4th, and 5th Grade pm Girls only from anywhere in Weakley County Miss Weakley County 9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th Grade p.m. —————————- For more information contact: Courtney Mc Minn 731-819-4755 or any Pilot Club member 9 age groups 0-12 months, 13-23 months, 2-3 yeas, 4-5 years, 6-8 years, 9-12 years, 13-15 years, 16 over, Moms ALL PROCEEDS BENEFITS HOMETOWN WALK OF HOPE!!! DIVISIONS: Wee Baby Birth to 12 Months am Baby Miss 13 to 23 Months am Tiny Miss 2 to 3 Years am Petite Miss 4 to 5 Years am Little Miss 6 to 9 Years pm Junior Miss 10 to 12 Years pm Teen Miss 13 to 15 Years pm Miss Hope 16 to 21 Years pm ENTRY FEES: .00 Entry Fee if pre-registered by Wednesday, April 13th. 0.00 Princess Award – your child will be crowned Miss Hope for a Cure Princess and be awarded on stage before their division crowning and receive a CROWN and TROPHY. Entry fees may be picked up / Dropped off at First Citizens National Bank or White & Associates Insurance in Union City.Categories Each age group will have one winner for each Beauty Award Beauty 1st, 2nd, 3rd place winners Prettiest Hair Prettiest Eyes Prettiest Smile Happiest Baby 0–2 years old Over-All Most Beautiful Over-All Photogenic Talent OOC Swim Wear Patriotic Wear **ALL OF THE OVER-ALLS ARE ANYTING GOES ** You can do a routine, dance, or pageant walk.


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  3. We will be working with America’s Dentist Care Foundation (ADCF) from Wichita, Kansas, that will provide the dental equipment for a 50-chair clinic to be set up in the Bismarck Events Center arena.

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