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Dr Neppe has contributed internationally in the specialties of Neuropsychiatry and Behavioral Neurology, Psychopharmacology, Forensic Psychiatry, Anomalistic Psychology and Epileptology.

He also is an author, professional speaker, playwright and philosopher.

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It is available to Signed book above is available directly from the author. Principal Archaeologist Ultra Systems Environmental [email protected]@Founder and Director California Donald J. One was an “Ancient Symbolic Earth Works” in Northern Perry County. They are often represented as definitive specimens of the “Amerind” ethnic type. Their creation story has been codified in the By, Harry Bourne [email protected] They?

For more information in acquiring the dvd and joining the California Rock Art Foundation click here or to purchase at The Bradshaw Foundation click here Alan P. Mc Mahon Symbologist/Researcher The seafarer was born, sailed the oceans, and generated symbols as a testament to the journeys undertaken. The god was the sun, and the goddess was Venus, and every eight years they unite. The paper included a narrative and plot map of a hill top earthwork and By Carl Bjork At a crime scene, the investigator will always ask the question, “who” perpetrated the offense. In a series of papers, it has been my intention to attempt to demonstrate that our ancestors were rather more in maritime contact across the world than is generally accepted, especially in academic circles.

A member of several professional organizations, MENSA, the International Society for Philosophical Enquiry (ISPE) and Self-Realization Fellowship (SRF), he has traveled extensively and taught mathematics, physics, and meditation techniques. Close opened Close Environmental Consultants in Southeast Missouri. States, on the island of Puerto Rico, and in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Close is a member of numerous professional societies, including the Indoor Air Quality Association (IAQA), the National Society of Professional Engineers, the American Water Resources Association, the National Water Well Association, the American Institute of Hydrology, the Cape Area Engineers, MENSA, and the International Society for Philosophical Enquiry (ISPE).

He has recently accepted the position of Science Editor for Telicom, the journal of the ISPE. Close, Ph D, PE, is a recognized expert in environmental science, has served as environmental advisor to more than fifteen Fortune 500 companies, and has more than forty years experience in the environmental field. He continues to serve clients that range from Fortune 500 companies, mid-size and small local businesses to individual property owners as principal consultant with EJC Enterprises. He currently serves as Science Editor for “Telecom,” an ISPE quarterly periodical, is a Registered Professional Engineer (PE) in the State of Missouri, a Registered Environmental Site Assessor, a Registered Well Installer, and a Registered Professional Hydrologist. Close has on-going interests in language, linguistics, symbolic logic, and consciousness studies.

There are three dimensions of time, three of space, and three of consciousness, and a 10th dimension that is “transfinite,” he detailed. Vernon Neppe stupid, Edward Close, effect of consciousness, errors of scientists, explanation for psychic phenomenon, false science, George Noory interview, hoax, hypocritical science, is God impossible, junk science, liars, mainstream science, Mainstream Science attacked, Mainstream Science controversey, mainstream science cult, Mainstream Science dying, Mainstream Science exposed, mainstream science propaganda, Mainstream Science reputation damaged, Mainstream Science under fire, mainstream scientists, Mainstream Scientists are brainwashed, Mainstream Scientists brainwashed, Mainstream Scientists under fire, Mainstream Scientists vs Mainstream Scientists, Mainstream Scientists who believe in UFOs, mainstreamers, modern science geniuses, modern science greats, pathalogical science, physics and the mind, physics of the mind, possibility of God, problems with Skepticism, religion and science, religion vs science, scam, scammers, science, science and religion, science on the wrong path, science on the wrong track, science vs religion, Skepticism refuted, Skeptics are brainwashed, Skeptics refuted, Theories of Everything, theory of conscience, theory of everything, theory of sentience, threats to Mainstream Science, TOE, Transcendental Physics, Transcendental Physics: Integrating the Search for Truth, types of consciousness, undoing brainwashing, Vernon Neppe, what is consciousness, wise scientists, Youtube The narcissist prizes attention, the psychopath is a sadist, the addict cares only for comfort and pleasure.

Humans inhabit all of these dimensions, “however there are also other forms of consciousness that inhabit some of the dimensions” that may or may not impinge on what we experience through our physical senses, he explained. A true Christian seeks to conform to God's will; a self-centered man exalts his own will.

His books on brain medications include Cry the Beloved Mind: A Voyage of Hope and Innovative Psychopharmacotherapy as well as The Psychology of Déjà Vu.

His listings include editions of Americas Top Doctors, Whose Who in the World, Best Doctors in America, Two Thousand Notable American Men, Five Thousand Personalities of the World, Five Hundred Leaders of Influence, Great Minds of the 21 st Century and Americas Top Psychiatrists.

He was educated in South Africa where he obtained both his primary Medical and Ph D degrees, and at Cornell University. Close studied physics, math, philosophy, and creative writing at Central Methodist College, receiving his Bachelor of Arts degree in Math and Physics in 1963.


  1. Finally, Poloyagan Beach have rocky outcroppings and coral reefs so one should be careful in trekking them.

  2. They have their work cut out for them, however, because radiocarbon (C-14) dating is one of the most reliable of all the radiometric dating methods.

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