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*An optional brand new Zeiss 100x achromatic objective is available for this microscope for an additional 0. Uses the latest Teflon AF membrane tubing for the highest degassing efficiency.*Rated for flow rates from 0.100 to 10.000 ml/minute. In excellent cosmetic condition and perfect operating condition (meets full factory specifications).Can be controlled through most manufacturer's software. Price for this ONE available special unit is: Item #1169151-720 : Own the highest quality microscope at a great price.

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Agilent charges over $2,959 for a refurbished chamber, but we offer factory replacement chambers for much less!

*Note: We strongly recommend that you replace the internal vacuum tubing and solenoid valve when replacing any component of the degasser (see our other ads).

These 500 ul volume chambers are used in many of the Alliance and Acquity systems (e.g. Don't waste your money buying a broken and/or contaminated degasser chamber on the auction sites.

New ones cost over $640 each, but you can purchase a professionally cleaned and refurbished chambers for nearly half that price.

We will then place a temporary “hold” on the item to allow you time to send full payment.

Payment is due within five business days time or the offer to sell will be void/expire.Features: Super bright, high contrast images (as only Zeiss offers) and true Kohler illumination with a 20 W halogen (variable) light source.Includes 45 degree ICS Binocular head; upgraded five position nosepiece with five upgraded ZEISS infinity A-Plan objectives (2.5x, 5x, 10x, 20x, 40x); Upgraded PL 10x/20 Eyepieces (one fixed/one variable focus); Abbe Condenser (0.9/1.25) with filter slot and upgraded swing-in wide angle condenser; blue conversion filter; luminous field diaphragm; 70 x 30mm Mechanical stage w/ceramic coated surface; slide holder; Ergonomic Stage and Focus drives; power cord and Operator's Manual (one of the best and most detailed operator's manuals ever written). Our Price : Item #289000622-R : A professionally refurbished 1-channel, HPLC degasser vacuum chamber.NEW and USED HEWLETT-PACKARD, AGILENT TECHNOLOGIES & Waters BRAND SCIENTIFIC INSTRUMENTS, HPLC SYSTEMS (1050, 1090, 1100, 1200, 1260 & 1290), HPLC DEGASSER PARTS, LABORATORY EQUIPMENT, MICROSCOPES, ANALYTICAL INSTRUMENTS, VINTAGE HP CALCULATORS, TEST EQUIPMENT AND CHEMSTATION SOFTWARE AT LOW PRICES(1) Please send us an email indicating the exact item(s) you wish to purchase.Include your full name, company name, shipment street address, telephone number, Federal Tax ID number (if known), the item number(s), method of pre-payment and which website URL you saw it listed.(2) By default, we ship all items using UPS ground, Fed Ex ground or USPS Priority Mail (least expensive method) with tracking numbers provided.Feel free to phone or email us with any specific questions before purchase. Nine column positions plus one built-in By Pass line.

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