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True Visions and many other independent companies operate cable TV channels in Thailand in a variety of languages.

True Visions has a wide selection of channels with movies, series, documentaries, music, entertainment, including National Geographic, Star Movies, HBO, BBC World, News 24, Star Sports, TVB, Animal Planet, CNN, Bloomberg, Cartoon Network and many more.

The biggest satellite TV provider is True Visions UBC, which has a large number of channels broadcasting in English available, with different packages of varying costs depending on the channels chosen.

Most programmes are aired in English and a monthly programme guide is sent to the subscriber's home address with a full list of channels and schedules for the month.

Hi, i'm waan and i'm 23 years old student from Thailand.

This is my dream So I have to learn the language as a medium to communicate with many people. Language exchange and culture as a friend in a foreign country.

Thailand has hundreds of AM and FM radio stations controlled and sometimes owned by various government agencies.

Some are national stations that can be listened to all over Thailand but others are local to towns or provinces.The television transmission standard in Thailand is PAL B.This is different to the PAL I system used in the UK, so older televisions from the UK are unlikely to work in Thailand.People in our community connect with native speakers for language practice, meet friends for cultural exchange and find travel buddies.The three systems are not compatible with each other.Please try pressing Control-F5 to force reload the page.


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  5. Under the provisions of the Illinois Language Assistance Services Act (1993) and Title VI of the Civil Rights Act, I am entitled to language assistance services that facilitate communication around my health needs and which protect my right to make informed decisions.

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