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Impacts: Snow covered roadways & blowing and drifting due to increasing northeast winds will create hazardous travel conditions today.

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We have 3 local newscasts daily on each station.1240 AM KLTZ: am, pm, pm Mix-93 FM: am, pm, pm Other sites of interest: Glasgow Police Department Valley County Jail Roster State of Montana Sexual and Violent Offender Web Site Amber Alerts Montana Governor's Cup Our news sponsors: A reminder to residents that city ordinances spell out that it is unlawful for anyone to deposit snow, ice or slush from private property onto any city street, alley or right of way. The heaviest snowfall totally are expected in southwestern areas with lesser amounts to the northeast.

Violation of those provisions can carry expenses to the owner of the property, and if found guilty of violating the code, it is a punishable misdemeanor. As snow gradually exits from north to south tonight, wind chills will become an increasing concern as the next Arctic high pressure system builds in.

All funds from the banquet stay in the local community. Funding is provided by Valley County employers who share the JSEC desire to educate future workers.

Hi-Line Sportsmen is a non-profit conservation group committed to improving wildlife habitat, sportsmen access, and passing on sporting traditions in Valley County and neighboring counties. Applications can be picked up from any of the County's five high school counselors or the City of Glasgow, 319 3rd Street South.

(From the Glasgow office of the National Weather Service)The winter storm is currently in progress across the region and is expected to deliver heavy snow at times this morning in some areas.

They are allowing pop-up tents & shelters on the ice this year, although no ATV’s or vehicles are allowed on the ice so shelters will have to be hauled by foot.

Proceeds from last year’s inaugural banquet were used to fund scholarships for college-bound sportspeople, purchase bows for the National Archery in the Schools Program, fund materials to make gate closers for landowners who provide hunting access, host a public sight-in day prior to hunting season, provide targets for the local archery range, and help host a youth field day. 24 banquet and Hi-Line Sportsmen, visit the group’s Facebook page, or call Jennifer Jackson at 263-7339, Jace Ball at 230-0833, Ed Sugg at 230-2033, or Arron Franzen at 406-925-0777. Applications are due in the City of Glasgow office by pm Thursday, March 1, 2018.

On Monday, KLTZ/Mix-93 received word that Todd Young has filed to run for Valley County Commissioner. Award amounts vary depending on donations received, but typically are about 0.

“The water was stored in the snowpack until runoff in the spring, thanks to a cold snowpack in place from the month of December.”The snowfall for the overall water year (October 1st – current) hasn’t been record breaking in most locations, but is has been above normal, according to NRCS data.

However, Zukiewicz pointed out there are some records in central and southwest Montana. They are allowing pop-up tents & shelters on the ice this year, although no ATV’s or vehicles are allowed on the ice so shelters will have to be hauled by foot.

The next snowpack and water supply update will be issued during the first week in March. Tickets for the banquet are limited in number and are available from more than a dozen members of the local chapter committee. Sponsor couples tickets are 0, and include a chance at a sponsor gun. In response to mussel detections in two eastern reservoirs last year, the Central and Eastern Montana Mussel Response Team was formed to assess the risk of invasive mussels to eastern waterways, and to provide recommendations to the state on better protecting the basin.

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