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Good luck ladies, my advice is to note what your baby is doing other than crying, such as raising legs, Being sick etc and then speak to HV or GP (although I don’t trust my GP anymore ) as it may be colic, trapped wind, or reflux?My baby is 3 weeks old today and has battling with colic and gripe for about 2 weeks now.

Colic means that, even though your baby is healthy, she may just cry for no obvious reason.

While this can be stressful, remind yourself that you haven't done anything wrong, and that this phase will pass.

I got some infacol which we give before each feed (to help the gas) and got infant gaviscon from the doctor which we add to his feed.

He instantly improved and although is still restless from time to time it doesn’t last as long as it did and is not after each feed.

If you need to, set a timer so you know how long it's been.

When your baby is calmer: If you're struggling, it's important to seek help before you become overwhelmed.

I'm also waiting on the old style kolik to come in the mail ...this helps a bit more.

We also have recently seen the pediatrician and he has prescribed ranitidine for his reflux. We don't get much sleep as little monkey is crying so much and is in pain and lots of gas .

This has really helped my baby and within minutes she poops and sleeps well. My little man has had bad colic since two weeks old.


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