Kinky pixie cam

If you have fine, oily hair, you're probably going to be washing a few times a week—or using dry shampoo pretty liberally, which is not at all a bad thing (Alterna Cleanse Extend Translucent Dry Shampoo is a good one for any hair color or type). Some people are happy going a week or two between shampoos, some people do it every day, some people are completely anti-washing and just use natural rinses instead.

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For a more realistic looking sew-in, leaving some of your hair out in the front, top or the sides is often recommended.

So, if you are eager to try a stylish new hairstyle, but don’t have the necessary length or thickness, feel free to try out some of the fabulous sew-in hairstyles on this list. This middle part sew in creates a soft, feminine look.

The Jheri Curl was subsequently seen both seriously as well as parodied.

A Jheri curl required a two-part application that consisted of a softener (often called a "rearranging cream") to loosen the hair and a solution to set the curls.

the Jheri curl gave the wearer a glossy, loosely curled look.

It was touted as a "wash and wear" style that was easier to care for than the other popular chemical treatment of the day, the relaxer.

Your hair is braided down in a certain pattern (depending on the desired look) and the hair extensions are sewn to the braids.

You can sew directly on the braid or put a net on and sew through it.

Black hair in any state can be down right fascinating.

Whether it’s silky, straight and draping or kinky, coily and wild, or something in between, our hair has the ability to shape shift like nobody else’s. So it’s no surprise when people from other races have tons of questions about our hair and the way we take care of it.

The rearranging cream used pungent chemicals, causing the naturally tight curls to loosen.


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