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Due to his sometimes impenetrable accent, Pepe calls the Muppets "Muffins" or "Muppens", and he regularly calls Kermit "Kermin", Fozzie Bear "Fotzie", Rizzo "Ritzo," and Scooter "Scooper." He doesn't even pronounce Walter correctly, and instead calls him "Howard." He also calls Sam the Eagle "Stan" as shown at the 2009 D23 Expo.Pepe is in love with Hollywood and expects he will earn several Oscar nominations (for good looks, acting and choreography. His influences include Dick van Dyke, Marlon Brando, Ruth Buzzi, Topo Gigio, and Mighty Mouse.

The pair worked at the KMUP studios, as elevator operators in the first season and as commissary chefs in the second season, but they always aspired to onscreen singing stardom.

These dreams never came true, however, because their performances were dire.

Shrimps are useful for new players seeking to level both Cooking and Fishing.

Shrimp Shuffle (エビおんど Ebi Ondo) is the 32nd minigame in Rhythm Heaven Fever, and the second game of the seventh set. " to the beat and before every repeat of this rhythm the shrimps will exclaim "Together! Occasionally, the shrimp will pause and shift position for a moment, then move along the regular rhythm again, only with another repeat starting immediately after the current one ends.

These commercials brought Pepe nationwide attention, and Long John Silver's was deluged with e-mails asking for Pepe merchandise, especially plush dolls.

Pepe served as a correspondent in the early installments of the web series Statler & Waldorf: From the Balcony, where - among other things - he interviewed Jodie Foster and other actors on the red carpet of Flightplan.Pepe the King Prawn, whose full name is Pepino Rodrigo Serrano Gonzales, started life in Madrid, Spain.He worked as a chef, before moving to Hollywood and following his true calling in show business.He was performed by Drew Massey for the "test pilot" of the show.Pepe's popularity and irreverence, along with Bill Barretta's improvisational skills, have resulted in Pepe's becoming a frequent host of DVD extra features.He wore the tutu again in a 2008 video performing "Prawn Lake" and on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon singing the "nine ladies dancing" line of "The Twelve Days of Christmas." Additionally, Pepe wore a sequined dress as Seymour's assistant in episode 202 of Muppets Tonight, donned a "see-through nighty" in a V-Chip commercial, and put on a blonde wig to impersonate Miss Piggy in episode 109 of Muppets Tonight.


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