Escargot dining dating

The menu is crafted to reflect the best of Southern France and the freshest ingredients of the season.Since its opening in 2007, the restaurant’s focus has been on French Southern homemade styles and quality ingredients (Cuisine Bourgeoise) paired with friendly, professional service.

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Personally, I'll be keeping my pants on at the dinner table, but wishing them all the best.

Escargots are usually served as a starter in France, Spain, and Portugal are a typical dish in the Catalan region of Spain and in North Africa like Morocco and Algeria.

It didn’t matter that I had owned a restaurant in Paris for 13 years!

Due to the plethoric regulation of the City, I wasn’t even able to start construction for over 6 month, I almost didn’t make it LOL!

About Us Since opening its doors in May 2007, La Sirène remains an authentic French bistro that is a great place for a date or a nice family dinner.

Reserve your table via Open Table using the widgets below.A lot of unique preparations with a specific way to serve our Entrees with a 4 Vegetable Tray on the side of your dish.We concentrate on the product being prepared with its sauce. Reserve your table via Yelp online reservation system by clicking the link below and entering your party size, the date you wish to dine at La Sirène and your preferred time.Some of our specialties include Steamed Mussels with 4 different combinations and seasonal options.The menu offers a large selection like: Seafood, Meat, Rabbit, Quail and Coq au Vin, Giant Profiterolles with Bitter/Sweet Dark Chocolate (Callebaut).Several additional species, such as Elona quimperiana, are popular in Europe; see heliciculture.

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