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A new poll we released on the day revealed the devastating human cost of mental health stigma – 1 in 5 surveyed who’d experienced stigma said they’d lost a job as a result of it, whilst over half lost contact with a loved one.

Krista Schmidt, FIU’s student government president, was one of the recipients of the email.

Schmidt is a member of Delta Phi Epsilon, the same sorority as the girl mocked in the group chat for dying after falling off a Grecian cliff this summer.

The show often has guest host from reality television programs. The only thing real about them is the real need to talk at a shout. The only thing these girls are good for is fans of screaming yelling reality programs. If you want to watch just to laugh at people thinking they are ultra hip while they don't understand old slang and being excited about products we saw on Hoda two years ago.

The hosts include actress Tamara Mowry-Housley, comic Loni Love, Adrienne Bailon and Jeannie Mai.

The screenshots, initially sent to school administrators in July by an anonymous source, showed what appear to be multiple non-consensual nude images of women, references to pedophilia, anti-Semitic and rape jokes, drug sales and insensitive comments about a sorority member who died this summer.

One member asked another to share naked pictures of a 17-year-old. Group members shared anti-Semitic memes that referenced the Holocaust, made jokes that “it’s not rape if she enjoys it,” called sorority sisters “sluts” and talked about buying cocaine and Adderall.“It was definitely hurtful to see her name out there like that,” she said.Her sorority, along with several others, made a formal statement condemning the chat as “disgusting and obscene” and vowing to abstain from any activity with Teke through Fall 2018.One shared picture appears to show two naked men shotgunning cans of beer.Some members even brought up the last FIU fraternity exposed over lewd and illegal private chat — Pi Kappa Alpha, or “pike.” The frat was suspended for five years in 2013 after a leaked cache of screenshots exposed conversations about buying drugs, sharing women’s nude images without their permission and boasts about hazing. “So basically we can do everything pike did as long as its not on any chat,” one member wrote.Tau Kappa Epsilon’s Sigma Alpha chapter released a statement noting that they “are fully cooperating with university officials on their investigation.” The university was unable to connect the screenshots to “Teke” until this month, said FIU’s Vice President of Student Affairs Larry Lunsford.


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  4. - Supporters ask legislators to consider budget increase for university system Students, faculty and other supporters of the University of Alaska system had to hold tightly to their signs during a rally Friday on the steps of the Alaska State Capitol. 28, Juneau was visited by Michael Keays, the Consul General from Vladivostok, Russia.

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