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Birth Control Katie says: Birth control pills and emergency contraception are available over the counter at the local pharmacy.

Diane-55, Marvelon and Yasmin are found in nearly all pharmacies without a prescription.

Most people go directly to the hospitals for everything.

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Dating culture in China is very different from Western culture.

Many times people go on dates to test the waters for future marriage matches.

This means they are pressured to find a good job with a high income.

It shouldn’t surprise you to know that being a single child, with the love and attention from six adults, often results in a sense of entitlement, spoiled attitudes, and selfish behavior.

Rita says: I believe you can get birth control anywhere due to China’s one child policy.

Recommended Gynecologists and Doctors Katie says: It’s uncommon to find a doctor with a private practice.

The practice of keeping mistresses is often found in the richer and more powerful men (i.e. Rita says: Women and men do not hold hands or show affection. Types of Men Katie says: If I were to describe Chinese men in three (generalizing) words, they would be: assertive, entitled, and expectant.

It’s no secret that males are valued in Chinese society.

This is a result of the single child policy – a government initiative that mandated families only have one child.

Males born into a single child family are burdened with the expectations of caring for his two parents and his four grandparents.

I caution people against using the lotions, however, because they often contain a bleaching agent. China has an array of sanitary pads available but few tampons. Rita says: OB and many brands of sanitary napkins are available.


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