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This led to nearly a full minute of half-hearted jokes and a high-school reunion level of awkward conversation.

All punctuated by a polar bear in a Hawaiian shirt and a lei. CARLSON THINKS, AS PRESIDENT, RICK PERRY MIGHT FOREGO AIR FORCE ONE TO TRAVEL BY HORSE During the GOP primary season, leading the charge.

“Excuse me, all right, we’re just doing a live shot real quick,” a flustered Doocy said, retreating from the camera as the woman took over his live shot.

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And withprofiling, of course, we can combine the two least effective counterterrorism methods: racial profiling and asking people if they're here to commit jihad.

WATCH: Protester Derails Peter Doocy’s Live Fox News Report on GOP Tax Bill (Mediaite) Fox News reporter Peter Doocy had to deal with some unexpected company today after a protester crashed his live shot on Capitol Hill.

Somehow, Doocy failed to remember that all that came from a "hole" someone had just poked in the ground. KILMEADE CITES HIS ROOMBA TO ARGUE FOR REPLACING AIR TRAFFIC CONTROLLERS WITH "ROBOTS" In April, the airline industry was rocked after a series of reports came out that air traffic controllers had fallen asleep on the job. And at first we were holding back; we were not willing to turn over the vacuum duties to a robot, but we have." What else can you say about this?

This led to many people like the co-hosts -- who had no idea what they were talking about -- speculating about solutions to the problem. Kilmeade thinks his Roomba's ability to vacuum an area rug unsupervised means air traffic control could also be done by robot. KILMEADE AND JOHNSON RECOMMEND PROFILING AND ASKING "ARE YOU HERE FOR JIHAD?

After the clip, Carlson announced, "Well, first of all, we don't know if Governor Perry would even want to fly on Air Force One." Huh?

Would President Perry stay within a few hundred miles of D. Would he never visit another country he couldn't get to by land? Don't worry, Carlson obliged us: "Maybe he'd ride his horse around town." Yes, maybe. PETER DOOCY DUBS CHINESE PRODIGY LANG LANG "THE JUSTIN BIEBER OF BEETHOVEN" Something needs to be made clear.In late February, news broke that a Saudi student had been arrested in an alleged plot to attack the home of former President George W. This enraged Kilmeade and Fox News legal analyst Peter Johnson Jr., who had some helpful advice for the Obama administration about how to screen for terrorists: JOHNSON: So we have to understand that obviously America is the beacon of opportunity.Everybody wants to come here to learn and to live and to do well.Maybe Perry would forget about the whole foreign policy thing and just ride around Washington on his horse. The only reason this particular quote doesn't register higher on the list is that it came not from co-host Steve Doocy, but by his son Peter, who is, coincidentally, a Fox News reporter.Peter Doocy had the opportunity to interview Lang Lang, a Chinese pianist who began playing at age 2 and has since gained international renown.Unable to come up with a line of attack on the bill, Doocy resorted to attacking the "chintzy clip" that Obama used to hold the pages of the legislation together while showing a copy of the bill at a press conference. After merely describing what was happening in the generic B-roll video playing on a monitor behind him, Kilmeade went off the rails and suggested that viewers "grab your gun and get a drink and go drink in Virginia." What could go wrong? To support this false claim, they frequently bring in Eric Bolling, a guy who -- surprise -- has ties to the oil industry.


  1. Superman also befriended the brilliant billionaire industrialist Lex Luthor, CEO of Luthor Corp.

  2. You can’t watch as they smile, and that smile spreads up into their eyes and transforms their face into one of the most beautiful things you’ve ever seen – a thing that warms your heart and makes you realize you want to spend more time with the person. Unfortunately, the reality is nowhere near that fantasy.

  3. "It's like a dog that brings a dead bird to the doorstep to say, 'Look what I did,'" explains Madison. If he's reporting compliments he's getting from other women, he wants to feel more appreciated by you." Here's a start: Instead of grilling him about the hairdresser's appearance and marital status, tell him that his new cut makes him look handsome! When he gets lunch with his "work wife." You've built her up as the sexiest woman alive, but have you ever met her?

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