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Almost worse than manipulating women into sleeping with them is this one.Not only do men play with your emotions and body but they also use these women for their usually large pocketbooks. But before I help you understand dating games men play I want to make sure you take advantage of my free ongoing support: You can learn EXACTLY how to tell the DUDs from the STUDs, how to go from casual to a real commitment and much much more by subscribing to my Dating Tips & Relationship Advice Newsletter!

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Or maybe they show up a bit late to pick you up, just to make you second-guess if they’re bailing.

Chances are, they got that text from you when you sent it but they want to make you sweat a bit. They like to feel like they have the power and nothing makes them feel that way more than having a woman (or women) fawning over them. Does your guy constantly have to one-up your stories? If you’ve found yourself asking that very question, you are most certainly playing the untitled game.

Maybe you’ve watched one too many movies with the word “love” in the title. Usually it’s a girl who has zero interest in them and would rather lay in the mud than have a conversation with them.

If you don’t feel cherished and wanted and happy every second of that relationship, it’s time to go. They kick it into high gear and turn up the charm and play so many damn mind games with that girl that she forgets who she is, let alone, why she didn’t like him to begin with. Don’t let them confuse you into falling for their silly games.

" and each time, you get a half-assed answer about how he loves how things are going and how “casual” it is. To them, titles mean settling down and the “c” word. There’s no point in even sugar coating this with a classy, clever title. This game is where men pretend to care about you way more than they do to get in your pants.

They take you out, spend money on you, tell you that you’re beautiful, all with the ultimate prize in mind: sex. Not only does sex complicate everything, but most of these guys, if they don’t think you’re the best they’ve ever had (or if that even matters to them), are going to head for the hills after a handful of romps. It’s the game where you think you’re in a happily, committed, serious relationship, because that’s what it looks like.

Those private moments have given me a unique window into understanding the different types of dating games men play and their underlying motivation for playing.

Who hasn’t fallen for that grand opening dating game, where they lure us with intoxicating conversations, funny dates, a perfect little heart necklace, delicious kisses and more? Fortunately, I’ve logged many therapy hours listening to men as they’ve opened up and explored their deepest needs and fears.

That’s why dating them can be so confusing and frustrating.

Guy’s fears of being vulnerable, of being loved and loving, lead them to enact their dating games or patterns.

Sometimes, it’s how many times he can leave a disgustingly large pile of dirty dishes in the sink without doing them (even though he said he would). Oftentimes, there are legit concerns that need to be brought up to your partner.

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