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Setting up specific accounts for each player in your household is the best way to set different parental controls for each person.With specific accounts for every person, each player can have unique limits.The PS4 System Restrictions menu has the high-level controls that let you set restrictions for the entire system.

For parents, figuring out how to monitor a kid’s gaming diet can be a tough nut to crack.

For years, video game developers and publishers have been participating in a ratings system created by the Entertainment Software Ratings Board, which is intended to keep violent and adult content out of the hands of kids.

These settings don’t affect accounts that already exist on your PS4, though, so it won’t suddenly stop you from being able to play games or view movies — only newly created accounts or guest accounts will be limited.

Temporarily Disable PS4 Restrictions: This control lets you disable your system restrictions without having to go through a lot of hassle.

You can set an “age level” for games, Blu-rays, and DVDs that will restrict mature content for both.

You can also restrict access to the Play Station VR and the PS4’s onboard web browser on new accounts.

Change System Restriction Passcode: The last option on this screen is “Change System Restriction Passcode.” This lets you set a four-digit pin that the PS4 will require before any changes can be made to system restrictions and for any user account restrictions you set up individually.

Use this for extra security to stop anyone you don’t want messing with your PS4’s parental controls and restriction settings.

To limit who can use the PS4, what they can do with it, and whether they can spend money on the Play Station Network store, select the “Parental Controls/Family Management” menu. Within the parental controls menu, the options for locking down your Play Station 4 parental settings are divided into three areas.

You can set up console-wide restrictions in the “PS4 System Restrictions” menu, create settings for multiple users in your family with the “Family Management” menu, and set parental controls for specific user accounts by selecting them individually at the bottom of the screen.

The easiest way to set up a user account is from the login screen when you first boot up your Play Station 4.

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