Indian dating marriage updating a us passport

Getting your marriage biodata just right is critical to attracting the perfect partner.

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Earlier, parents were given the responsibility to find the best match for their children.

They consider the financial status, education and most importantly the religion and caste of the prospective brides and grooms before “rounding off” the right one.

Many a time, the marriage is fixed (say, engaged) even when the bride or groom are kids so that they grow up and then enter into the relationship of marriage.

This is a very contrasting practice to what happens in Western countries.

Apparently, this is how dating supposed to work in India traditionally.

Nowadays, parents give the freedom to youngsters to date and find their match.

Nowadays, there have been considerable changes at the Indian dating front.

Parents are liberal regarding permitting youngsters to date whom they like.

Well, the answer would be a clear “No.” In Western countries, dating is encouraged from the teenage years itself so that one can find the best possible match.

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