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Using a command like "filetype:xls site:za confidential" will search for confidential Microsoft Excel files in South Africa, which uses a top-level domain of

"One of the most popular Google hacking technique is to employ stock words and phrases such as proprietary, confidential, not for distribution, do not distribute, along with a search for specific file types, especially Excel spreadsheets, Word documents, and Power Point briefings," the author writes.

Sections in the guide include "Introduction to Searching," "Mastering the Art of Search" and "Uncovering the 'Invisible' Internet." "Untangling the Web" has hundreds of pages of the what were the most advanced search tips in 2007, when the book was originally published.

And on 4 January, Google Deep Mind chief executive Demis Hassabis revealed on Twitter that Master(P) is a new prototype version of Alpha Go.

The "unofficial" games were designed to test the prototype, he said: "We're excited by the results and also by what we and the Go community can learn from some of the innovative and successful moves played by the new version of Alpha Go." Playing on the online servers Tygem and Fox Go, Master(P) played more than 50 games, winning in all — except perhaps for one game, which, according to some reports, was deemed a tie only because the network connection of the opponent, the Go professional Chen Yaoye, timed out.

The National Security Agency recently declassified a book called "Untangling the Web: A Guide to Internet Research" that contains over 600 pages of tips for researching information online.

According to Wired, the book was released following a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request filed in April by Muck Rock, a group that specializes in processing public records requests.

A mystery player causing a stir in the world of the complex strategy game Go has been revealed as an updated version of Alpha Go, the artificial-intelligence (AI) program created by Google's London-based AI firm, Deep Mind.

Known only by the name ‘Master(P)’, since late December the anonymous player has beaten the world’s best at Go in a string of online games, including defeating current world number one, 19-year-old Ke Jie.

Although Alpha Go was rumoured to be behind the bot, many observers also suspected that another team had created an AI that could master the game, something both Chinese and South Korean scientists have said they are attempting to do.

Hassabis said that the new version of Alpha Go would play official, full-length games later this year.

"But still, I expect a strong correlation with performance in serious slow tournament games,” he adds.

Alpha Go has only played around a dozen public games, so Google Deep Mind's decision to trial its latest version in the open will allow Go players to study more of its moves.

The author explains that many people believe search engines only index websites (at least at the time of writing), but a change in Google's search years ago started to include Word documents, Excel spreadsheets and PDF files.

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