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“This couple followed the 11 tips to picking good mutual funds and now they’re rich! they’re lying on a bed of British pounds so unless they made a bunch of money, fled to the U. My Augustana Vikings teams made an incredible run to reach the D-III championship game, which they lost by a single point.

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dollars for (depreciating) British pounds, there’s a bit of a hole in this story.

The 2014 Vikings reached the national championship game and the 2015 Vikings were widely recognized as one of the top five teams in the nation. We graduated our top six scorers (had I mentioned that Augie’s athletes all graduate, some go to medical school and bunches are Academic All-Americans?That’s the game played by my local paper, the , and at least one in New York.I’ve reached out to the publisher, executive editor, sales department and CFO and have asked each the same question, “why isn’t this a breach of contract?In March, instead of receiving an amount equivalent to about 7.5% of what our readers spent, it was about 5.3%.(sigh) So, we’d like to raise more-active support to 2%, which would translate to around 500 people, including new and renewing members of MFO Premium, all told.You offered a 52-week subscription, I accepted the offer and gave you money, and now you’re reneging.” So far, no one at the paper has chosen to respond. Those of our readers who are paying for local paper subscriptions might want to check any correspondence or change in billing information. Ed, Charles and I will be at, or in the near vicinity of, the Morningstar Investment Conference again this year.


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