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It's well documented in official records that the city's original name was 'Snottingham' or 'home of Snotts', but when the Normans came, they couldn't pronounce the initial letter `S', so decreed the town be called 'Nottingham' or the 'home of Notts'.It's easy to understand why this change was resisted so fiercely by the people of Scunthorpe. Thus, you can get hilarious Malapropers — like "hecko" instead of "hello", or "teasfecesn" instead of "teaspoon" — or else you get results like "cl***" instead of "class", ironically making those words more profane, not less (***uming, of course, that the filter doesn't outright censor the whole message and automatically ban you from the board).

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Cuties: Gideon and Harper celebrated their fourth birthdays on Monday.

Neil Patrick Harris and his husband David Burkta posted pictures of the tots as NPH wrote: 'I can't believe that you used to be tiny baby things.

We'll explore the definition of abuse in greater detail later in this document.

He writes: 'And she sees that even though you date some really nice girls through your high school years, it's the cute new boy in your class or on set who really gets under your skin and thrills you and spurs your imagination. In the book, which offers fans the chance to take their own path while recounting moments of his life, NPH - who found fame aged 16 on 80s TV hit, Doogie Howser, M.

In Choose Your Own Autobiography, NPH reveals how he experimented with psychedelic drugs to try and expand his mind - and jokes how a kiss on the mouth from Burt Reynolds during filming on B. D - acknowledges that throughout the show's run his 'actual sexual identity at this time is a mystery, even to you.

Especially to you.'And he admits that it took years for him to come to terms with his sexuality, labeling himself bisexual before telling his parents he was gay. NPH writes: 'As a joke at the end of one take, Burt leans over and kisses you square on the mouth.

He says: 'On the plus side, you did have an orgasm', as he calls their meetings 'a tentative first step towards a new life'.

However, the sporadic hook-ups are not enough and he wanted more, he says, prompting him to go on online chatrooms, where he sent pictures of body parts to strangers - and leading to a clandestine hook-up, where he spent the whole time with a baseball cap low over his head.

Victims of abuse often find themselves dealing with serious psychological and physical consequences of having been abused.


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