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Nobody asked to see ID, so I just went in and assumed that my newly grown mustache was enough.I suspect that my status as "new to the place" was probably obvious to the regulars - gazing wide-eyed at magazines featuring every sort of sex act I had read about.

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He pulled me in, got down on his knees, undid my zipper, pulled down my pants and briefly played with my cock before turning me around. I couldn't believe it - I was speechless and lost in the sensation and horny and just plain feeling good.

His hands on my ass, then on my balls and then on my cocks were making me dizzy, and his tongue on my ass was beyond description.

I remember his hands on my ass feeling so different and gooed.

I remember him turning me around so he was looking at my ass and then massaging both cheeks.

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Just ask me and i will make your more deep fantasy I dream having sex in an roller coaster and feel how all the speed make me get a big orgams Turn me on a horny guy ready for action and for make me do crazy things in my hot room.

(Remember, this was before the Internet and the advent of "all porn, all the time" that we now live in.) I remember that I was hard as a rock within minutes, and that I spent what seemed like forever browsing through magazines.

There were seemingly dozens of magazines just featuring boobs!

As I was putting money into the machine, I notice a slot on the side wall, and a finger beckoning me. The guy had his hands on my cock and it felt wonderful.

He managed to get his other hand through and unbuttoned my jeans and let them down to find out that there was nothing else to deal with.

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