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“In the gym, the top five areas of focus for pass-catchers should be leg strength, coordination, endurance, speed, and power.” Improving power in your lower body is key to increasing speed and agility: “To improve speed you have to be strong—and no, I don’t mean just being able to squat 600 pounds,” says Holmes, who has previously trained NFL players like Indianapolis Colts quarterback Andrew Luck and San Diego Chargers cornerback Jason Verrett.How to do it: Step into a lunge position with your left leg out front, knee bent, and thigh parallel to the ground.Beverley said: 'Fussy eaters is a subject that most parents can relate to, but my journey has become even more challenging, with only myself to blame, by attempting to produce 365 different meals.'I'm sick of trying to juggle daily life and healthy eating for my darling offspring, compounded and made oh-so-much harder by a super-fussy seven year old.

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To be a game-breaking wide receiver like Odell Beckham Jr., Brandon Marshall, Larry Fitzgerald, or Andre Johnson, you need to have a combination of near-superhuman agility, raw footspeed, and explosive power. Holmes previously shared a routine with that he developed closely with Verrett to help the cornerback increase his lower-body strength, flexibility, and single-leg strength, and many of those techniques can be helpful to wide receivers, too. “The stronger an athlete is, the better they should be able to apply force.

“As a wide receiver, you need to do a little bit of everything well,” says Roy Holmes, C. Without strength, force cannot be produced at a high rate of speed.” Holmes put together an exclusive workout routine for that all football players—but especially wide receivers—can use to boost speed and power in your lower body: What to do: Do 1 set of 3-4 reps for each leg.

What it does: This move requires the use of many muscles in your upper body, including your traps, triceps, deltoids, and pecs.

You’ll add strength to your arms, chest, and shoulders, plus it hits the core and middle-upper back muscles too.

“Flexibility is key when it comes to being a wide receiver,” Holmes says.

“Flexibility helps not only with extending an athlete’s career, but also with body control and coordination.” What to do: Use a 24"–30" box or a height you are comfortable with. How to do it: Stand in front of the box with your feet about hip-width apart.

While it divided the family, the stock was used for a soup they enjoyed.

And it's helped increase the fruit and veg count in her families meals too.

Plus, it’s a similar to the stance that a wide receiver would execute before accelerating.” What to do: 2-3 sets of 6-8 reps on a pullup bar.

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